Gladys Berejiklian med rel – Transport Officers issue 90,000 fines in first year on public transport

Gladys Berejiklian med rel – Transport Officers issue 90,000 fines in first year on public transport

62Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian today said Transport Officers have handed out more than 90,000 infringement notices to fare evaders in their first year of operations across the public transport network.

In May 2013 around 40 Transport Officers started patrolling the public transport network, checking tickets to ensure customers have paid the correct fare for their journey.

By October last year there were 150 Transport Officers on the network, also assisting customers who have questions about public transport, and complementing the Police Transport Command that took over the security of public transport in 2012.

“The NSW Government will continue to crack down on fare evasion and we are now investigating recruiting more Transport Officers to expand the force of 150 officers,” Ms Berejiklian said.

Transport Officers are targeting fare evasion hot spots like misuse of concession tickets where customers fail to have the correct proof of entitlements, she said.

“In August last year, misuse of concession tickets peaked at 78 per cent of overall infringements during the month,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“After several months of having Transport Officers at the full strength of 150 officers, concession ticket infringements in March this year dropped to 55 per cent of overall infringements – showing how Transport Officers are reducing fare evasion.”

To mark the first year of operations, Ms Berejiklian also said Transport Officers now had new equipment to help them target serial offenders and improve efficiencies.

“Every Transport Officer now uses a new handheld smart device allowing them to check customers are travelling with a valid ticket faster,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“An added advantage of the device is an automated system to send infringement notices in the post to customers, meaning less administrative errors and more time spent on the front-line.”

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