Geneva deal splits sanction regime: Iran president

Geneva deal splits sanction regime: Iran president

iranIranian President Hassan Rouhani Tuesday said the Geneva nuclear deal broke the sanction regime which had been unfairly imposed on his nation.

Rouhani made the remarks two days after Iran and the six major powers agreed to start implementing their landmark nuclear deal from Jan 20, Xinhua reported.

The Geneva deal means the six major powers yielding to the demands of Iran, Rouhani said addressing a gathering in Iran’s Ahvaz city.

“By Geneva deal, the world accepted the peaceful nuclear technology of Iran which has been achieved through the hard work of the young Iranian students,” the president added.

An Iranian official Sunday said Tehran and the world powers would start negotiating a final settlement of their differences about activity the West suspects was aimed at obtaining a nuclear weapons capability.

An agreement was finalised between the P5+1 group — the US, Russia, China, France, Britain plus Germany and Iran on ways to implement the first-step of the Geneva agreement on Tehran’s nuclear programmme.

President Barack Obama said Sunday the US and other nations would begin to give Iran “modest relief” on economic sanctions as long as the Islamic Republic lived up to its end of the agreement.

In November last year, Iran and the P5+1 group reached an interim agreement whereby Iran would freeze part of its nuclear programme in exchange for limited ease of sanctions which had hurt its economy.

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