Future of the Guildford Hotel is a priority

Future of the Guildford Hotel is a priority

  • Amendment to allow a quality residential development on the Guildford Hotel site
  • Decision supports area’s heritage value and high-quality design
  • Site’s proximity to public transport aligns with Government’s planning policy   

Amendment 121 to the City of Swan’s Local Planning Scheme to allow a residential development behind the Guildford Hotel has been approved. Hon John Day BSc BDSc MLA

Any future development is conditional on the restoration of the hotel being completed before construction of the new dwellings can start.  The amendment includes provisions for up to five storeys, with the upper two floors to be setback to ensure the development respects the height of the hotel’s belvedere.

Development plans will be reviewed by an independent design panel that includes the Government Architect and State and local government heritage specialists.

Planning Minister John Day said the decision would balance the preservation of an important historic landmark with the appropriate growth of one of the State’s earliest settlements.

“Almost half of the 800,000 new homes needed in Perth and Peel by 2050 to accommodate our growing population will be delivered through appropriate density along major transport corridors and infrastructure,” Mr Day said.

“The Guildford town site has historically been a focus of economic activity and the hotel site’s proximity to the Guildford train station makes it a suitable location for a residential development that respects the heritage value of the area.

“I am confident that the requirements introduced into the Local Planning Scheme will deliver a quality outcome that prioritises the restoration of the Guildford Hotel and ensures any new development has outstanding architecture.

“The addition of the panel of expert architect and heritage specialists will provide another level of rigour to the design process.  The panel’s advice will inform the final decision on any future development application for the site.”

The hotel site is currently zoned General Commercial and this approval will amend the City of Swan’s Local Planning Scheme to allow for an Additional Use – Multiple Dwellings at the rear of the site.

Fact File

  • The City of Swan will now modify Amendment 121 to include a number of development control requirements prior to it being published in the Government Gazette
  • A Development Application will be required prior to development of the site 
  • An appropriate residential development behind the hotel site is consistent with the principles of Directions 2031 and Beyond and the draft Perth and Peel@3.5million
  • The Guildford Hotel was built in 1885 and entered onto the State Register of Heritage Places in 1993
  • For more information, visit http://www.planning.wa.gov.au

Minister’s office – 6552 6200



1.         The Amendment will allow for an ‘Additional Use – Multiple Dwellings’ at the rear of the Guildford Hotel site.

2.         Construction of a residential building on the site will be subject to the lodgement and approval of a development application, which will be advertised for public comment.

3.         An application for a residential development on the site can only be approved after completion of:

  • conservation works to the Guildford hotel; and
  • a heritage impact assessment being undertaken for any new development.

4.         The maximum height of a residential building on the site will be five storeys, which is up to 17 metres, and may comprise:

  • a base podium to a maximum of three storeys; and
  • a second tier to a maximum of two storeys setback from the edge of the levels below.

5.         Any proposed building will be required to demonstrate outstanding architectural design and integration with the heritage precinct.

6.         Development application plans will be subject to review by an independent panel comprising the State Government Architect, State Heritage Office and local government heritage specialists. The panel’s advice will inform the final decision on any future development application for the site.

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