FRINGE COMEDY “Is It Because I’m Indian” carries a funny and poignant message

FRINGE COMEDY “Is It Because I’m Indian” carries a funny and poignant message

Short + Sweet Sydney Variety Gala. photo Sylvi Soe[7]After tasting success with his Short & Sweet debut in Sydney, followed by rave reviews for his hit at Melbourne Fringe, Rajendra Moodley ‘Raj’ is taking his one man comedy show to a new level of shame and fame for this year’s Adelaide Fringe as he reclaims the name ‘Curry Muncher’.
“Highly entertaining…”

“This is a man with a giant spirit to match his giant talent. Go and see this show…”

As a writer and performer Raj is building a reputation as the Voice of New Australia,with an honest and open dialogue about the issues affecting himself and others in the Australian Indian community.

Promoting his Fringe show “Is It Because I’m Indian” with attention grabbers such as “Raj, the Curry Muncher,” and “Is Australia Racist?”, Raj relying on humour and political satire is aiming to send out an important social message.

The political comedy details Raj’s life history and lays bare the truths of being an Indian performer in Australia. From the highs and lows of a close-knit Indian family to the pain of being bullied, Raj sends out an entertaining yet poignant message about individualism, a quintessential social value in of the Australian community.

Patrons can take advantage of the ‘Curry Muncher” ticket (meal and show), with dinner either before or after the show around the corner at New India Restaurant for an immersive Fringe show experience.
Adelaide season extends from 12-15 February 2015.

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