Found my inspiration from a ‘besura’ singer: Harmeet Singh

Found my inspiration from a ‘besura’ singer: Harmeet Singh

c46131334f6bebd3da80e909a66acd18Most present day singers would say they are inspired by legends like Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi, but Harmeet Singh of the Meet Bros Anjjan trio says he was inspired by a discordant singer, whom he saw on TV during his college years.

“I saw a weird elderly man on TV who was singing really badly. This was in 1999 when I’d just passed out of college. That extremely ‘besura’ (discordant) singer inspired me and I thought to myself, ‘If he can sing, then why can’t I sing?’

“I found my inspiration from that ‘besura’ singer. That’s how I got into music. I always loved it. During my schooling, I was winning contests and performing, but I had no family background in music,” Harmeet told IANS in an interview.

The trio, which comprises Harmeet, his brother Manmeet Singh and Anjjan Bhattacharya, has composed hits like “Baby doll”, “Chittiyaan kalaiyaan” and “Pink lips”, which have topped the charts.

Although Harmeet agrees that the quality of lyrics in modern day music is deteriorating, he says it’s what the audience wants to listen to.

“If audience stops listening to such songs then people will not make such songs. So it’s basically demand and supply — simple economics.

“But, as a moral duty, we should try and do clean lyrics as much as possible and that’s what I’ve tried with ‘Baby doll’ and ‘Chittiyaan kalaiyaan’. They’re all clean lyrics. Personally, I feel that the lyrics’ standard and quality has dropped and everyone should try and write more meaningful lyrics,” he said.

The composer credits modern technology for speeding up the process of making music, but says the soulful analogue sound has its own charm.

“Technology has made it very simple. Things have become faster and easier. One can do a lot more through digital music… everything is so easy digitally. But the only drawback is that the warmth and feelings of live or analogue sound cannot be replicated by digital.

“Maybe soundwise it’s much better now, but the emotions, feelings and the warmth was better before. That’s why those songs are everlasting because of the analogue and live feel. Every instrument was played live by different people, so everyone’s soul was connected to the song,” he said.

Harmeet, who admits being a fan of music composer R.D. Burman but also loves singer Yo Yo Honey Singh’s work, considers music as the “most beautiful profession”.

“If you like music, you must give it a try. It’s the most beautiful profession to be in. It is the best of all — it is fun, soulful, it gives you money, power, fame and entertainment,” Harmeet said.

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