First 100 days of Modi government disappointing: Congress

First 100 days of Modi government disappointing: Congress

8New Delhi, Sep 2 (IANS)┬áThe Congress said Tuesday the first 100 days of the Narendra Modi-led NDA government were “disappointing” and the people of the country had been “misled”.

“Modi is a dream merchant, who came to power by selling false hopes,” Congress leader Anand Sharma said at a press conference here and dismissed the 100 days of Modi’s rule as high on rhetoric and low on performance.

“The 100 days story of this government has proved to be disappointing, characterised by non-fulfillment of promises, undermining of institutions, the compromising of administration and governance and promotion of a work culture nurtured by distrust and fear,” he said.

He alleged that the BJP captured power by making lofty promises and selling unrealistic dreams. Sharma said this amounted to a “fraud with people”, who were “misled”.

He accused the government of politicising the educational system in the country.

“In schools, a different kind of history is being taught,” Sharma said. “This is already happening in history books of Gujarat”.

“Why is education being politicised? Institutions and research and science must remain out of politics,” he added.

The former commerce minister said that Modi did not consult the states before deciding to do away with the Planning Commission.

“The arbitrary decision of dismantling the Planning Commission strikes at the base of our federal structure,” he said.

“Has the sanctity of a cabinet form of government been upheld or a silent shift is being made to a presidential form where only one voice counts?”

Sharma added that Home Minister Rajnath Singh was not allowed to appoint his own private secretary.

“Around 18 ministers of the present government have serious criminal charges against them,” he added.

He said while the BJP during its election campaign had promised to bring back black money nothing has come till now.

He expressed concern over the situation along borders with Pakistan and China and said there were ceasefire violations day in and day out by Islamabad.

Government should show forthrightness in foreign policy engagements. It cannot be just rhetorics and theatrics,” he said.

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