bairdThe Baird Government today announced a comprehensive package to combat the scourge of ice in the community including new laws to make more ice dealers face life in prison.


NSW Premier Mike Baird and Deputy Premier Troy Grant said new measures would include increased roadside drug testing by police, the mandatory state-wide online recording of pseudoephedrine sales in pharmacies and more funding for treatment and rehabilitation services.


“Ice is a life-destroying drug having a devastating impact in our cities, towns and suburbs,” Mr Baird said.


This is a tough package to go after the drug dealers peddling this evil drug, the backyard manufacturers and anyone reckless enough to get behind the wheel while high on drugs.

The biggest deterrent to drink driving is the risk of getting caught – we have to do everything we can to ensure this same deterrent applies to drug driving.

As the father of a daughter learning to drive, the thought of drug-crazed drivers on our roads horrifies me – we’ll be giving police the resources they need to put more offenders before the courts.

The Baird Government has been consulting with police and health professionals to develop a multi-dimensional plan to target manufacturers and suppliers, while also addressing the needs of users and addicts.

Under the plan the Baird Government will:

o   Crackdown on drug driving by more than tripling the number of roadside drug tests to almost 100,000 a year by 2016-17;

o   Halve the threshold required to charge dealers with possessing large commercial quantities of ice for supply, from 1 kilogram to 500 grams, so more ice dealers face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment;

o   Improve our ability to confiscate the assets of serious criminals, including serious drug dealers and traffickers;

o   Require mandatory state-wide online recording of pseudoephedrine sales in pharmacies;

o   Get users off ice by investing in three new stimulant treatment services, expanding a fourth service and providing additional funding to non-government treatment services, especially amongst rural and regional communities; and

o   Educate the community on the dangers of ice.

Mr Grant said,” ice was tearing families apart in regional communities.”

“In my 22 years as a country cop I have not seen a drug as corrosive to human decency as ice,” Mr Grant said.

Country towns need a tough package like this to stop the damage this drug is causing in our communities.

These measures will put our boot on the throat of ice peddlers whilst supporting current ice users to kick the drug for good.

Mr Baird and Mr Grant made the announcement after inspecting the new state of the art, high visibility police drug testing and education bus – fully funded by Community Road Safety Fund, into which every cent from speed camera fines is invested.

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