Fighting For A Cause!

Fighting For A Cause!

Dinesh Gourisetty the current President for Williams Landing and Point cook Development Committee is campaigning for School in Williams Landing .Dinesh says, “Being a resident of Williams Landing I know how our community in our suburb feels because of lack of school, that’s the main reason I started the petition for a primary school in Williams Landing.”

Williams Landing is home to more than 5000 population, students are forced to travel through congested roads and traffic to study at overcrowded schools in surrounding suburbs.The children of Williams Landing must be given every opportunity to thrive. The way the population growing in this municipality a good long term plan is needed.
He says, “ As residents we pay taxes, council rates then why are we not provided with basic educational facilities, it is not only about Williams landing if we take whole Wyndham it is the fastest growing Victorian municipality, 100 new classrooms will be needed every year over the next decade to accommodate almost 27,000 extra students.

wlps_6Many state schools are already feeling the squeeze to accommodate extra students. In Victoria Wyndham is in the top position with more than 66% student growth by local government area.”

Dinesh adds, “ We don’t need promises we need actions”, he urges to all of the residents to come together for this cause by signing the petition on Williams Landing & Point Cook Development Committee Facebook page. “We need to protest and let the government realize the pain of every resident due to lack of school in our suburb,” he pointed.

To get the updates you can go to the face book page – Williams Landing & Point Cook Development Committee or visit

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