FICQ Announces New Executive Committee

FICQ Announces New Executive Committee

IMG_2380The Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland (FICQ), the peak umbrella body for Indian communities in Queensland, has entered its 18th year of operation with a new Executive Committee (EC) for 2016-2018, elected at the Annual General Meeting at Kenmore Library Hall.

The Executive Committee, led by Mr Palanichamy O Thevar as the President, represents a wide range of language and cultural groups and professional backgrounds (public service, business, IT ) that is very much in keeping with the richness and diversity of the Indian diaspora.

The elected members are:

  1. President – Mr Palanichamy O Thevar
  2. Secretary – Mr Nikhil Reddy
  3. Treasurer – Mr Anjaneya Reddy Basupalli
  4. Vice President – Dr Ram Mohan
  5. Vice President – Mrs Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj
  6. AssistantSecretary – Mr Rajarajan Thannavan
  7. Public Relations – Dr Indrani Ganguly

There are also a number of co-opted members who will add to the EC’sstrength with the skills and experience that they bring to them:

  1. Festival Coordinator : Mr Navin Kumar
  2. Cultural Coordinator : Dr Preethi Suraj
  3. Assistant Treasurer: AnupNannuru

In addition, FICQ will continue to benefit from the input of its patrons:

  • Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda
  • Dr. Naidu Bodapati
  • Mr. Surendra Prasad OAM
  • Mr. Jim Varghese, AM
  • Dr. Maha Sinnathamby

In his inaugural speech, Mr Palani Thevar thanked the work of previous committees whose hard work had ensured that FICQ had a very strong position as the peak body for Indian associations in Queensland, representing the largest conglomeration of people of Indian origin, including Indian students living in Brisbane and other parts of Queensland. Mr Thevar thanked the outgoing President Professor Prasad Yarlagadda and outgoing committee members and said that he was happy to welcome those who had chosen to continue.

Mr Thevar said that he “wished to continue to uphold the purpose of FICQ and continue to work closely with the newly elected EC and its member organisations to play a leadership role and continue to create Queensland as better place for Indian communities. The India House project would be strongly supported as it would provide a home for all Indian activities.

In addition, FICQ would continue to strengthen relationships with all levels of government, regardless of political persuasions and other mainstream and multicultural communities. He ended by saying: “Indians are well placed with their education levels, skills, intelligence, and good work ethic to achieve high economic and social status. We will continue to use those attribute to benefit Indians in Queensland and other Queensland. The newly- elected EC and I are looking forward to working with all interested parties.”

Photo Caption: Standing left to right: Anup Nannuru, Anjaneya Reddy Basupalli,  Nikhil Reddy, Rajarajan Thannavan, Mr Navin Kumar

Seated left to right: Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj,  Palanichamy O Thevar,  Dr Indrani Ganguly, Dr Ram Mohan 

For further information you may contact:

President: Mr Palanichamy O Thevar  at 0421 656 000

Secretary: Mr Nikhil Reddy at 0430 584 959

Public Relations Officer: Dr Indrani Ganguly at 0432 382250


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