FIAV celebrates multi-cultural gala dinner

FIAV celebrates multi-cultural gala dinner

3FIAV celebrated multi-cultural gala dinner in great style at Grands on Princess Mulgrave in the presence of the premier of Victoria Dr. Dennis Napthine, the leader of opposition Mr Daniel Andrews, The Minister of Multi-Cultural Affairs and citizenship & planning Hon Matthew guy and a number members of parliament, community leaders and community groups from Victoria.

The premier appreciated the Indian Community in Victoria for their contribution and hard work that has made Indian Community a highly successful multicultural community in the state of Victoria.

Dr Napthine also stressed the importance of India Australia relations and business investments’ saying the Indian Democracy has been well accepted here and there has been a number of projects both in Victoria as well as the Victorian Trade delegation’s success in negotiating exports to India.


The Leader of the Opposition Mr Daniel Andrews commended the FIAV and the Indian Community of the long-standing cordial relationship with the previous labor government and stressed the importance of Indian Community’s contribution in Victoria. The FIAV awarded Mr Andrews Community services award for the contribution of his previous government and the Labor party as well as his personal support to the FIAV and India Community.


The Multi-cultural Minister and the Minister of Planning Hon Matthew Guy who was awarded Mahatma Gandhi award for meritorious achievement for Community Services was speechless upon receiving the award, and later commented that Indian Community is one of the fastest growing community in Victoria and a number of groups &organisations are now representing various demographics within the Indian Sub-continent. Mr Guy who is also the Patron of FIAV, appreciated the FIAV under the leadership of MrVasanSrinivasan and it’s executives over the years for working hard that has made what is FIAV as we see today


MrVasanSrinivasan – The President of FIAV thanked all the dignitaries and the Community leaders for their support over the years and indicated that it’s time to move on for him and the committee to pave way for the next generation to take over FIAV.


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