Federation of Indian Communities in South Australia (FICSA) launched in Adelaide

Federation of Indian Communities in South Australia (FICSA) launched in Adelaide

4FICSA, a multi-cultural, non-political and non-sectarian federation was launched on 3rd September, 2015 in Adelaide. Their mission is to help, support, train & build stronger, self-reliant and resilient ethnic migrant communities. Their objectives are to promote the welfare of migrant communities by preserving, practicing and delivering rich & inter cultural values of communities. Their aim is to achieve these objectives through various programmes and activities including education, arts, culture, language, sports, employment training, sustainable development and empowerment of women, children, youth, adults and seniors.

FICSA also aims to provide communities with a platform to start, grow, support and help them when they are in need. They are committed, and are here for the long haul.

The members of FICSA acknowledged and applauded the work and services offered by their existing organisations within the Indian communities. And they said that they wanted to work together, collectively, collaboratively with them for the greater good.

They further added that, there is a gap that this organisation aims to fill. “We want to facilitate these connections and collaborations. Our aim is not to duplicate work that is already being done by them or to compete with existing organisations in any way. We want to extend our services to bring all these existing community organisations together and to ultimately enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of all organisations by facilitating better communication between organisations and with our wider communities.

With your support and your involvement, FICSA will provide such a platform for our Indian diaspora communities.

We look forward to working with you all.

This is our hope, our task and our responsibility and it’s only with all your support that we can make it a reality”, the members said.

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