EU adopts new package of sanctions against Russia

EU adopts new package of sanctions against Russia

9Brussels Sep 9 (IANS) The European Union (EU) announced a new package of sanctions against Russia Monday.

The European Council, the body that convenes the leaders of EU member states to give policy direction, said in a statement that a package of further restrictive measures against Russia has been adopted through written procedure, meaning those measures are ready to come into force, Xinhua reported.

European Council President Herman van Rompuy explained in the statement that “the sanctions aim at promoting a change of course in Russia’s actions destabilising eastern Ukraine …”

However, these measures are not expected to come into force immediately.

“The entry into force through the publication in the Official Journal will take place in the next few days,” van Rompuy said in the statement.

The EU said the time when such sanctions start depend on the situation in Ukraine.

“This will leave time for an assessment of the implementation of the cease-fire agreement and the peace plan … the EU stands ready to review the agreed sanctions in whole or in part,” van Rompuy said.

EU’s further sanctions came after the ceasefire agreement reached in Ukraine.

Representatives of Ukraine’s government and insurgent leadership signed a ceasefire deal last Friday in Minsk at a meeting also attended by representatives from Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Such an agreement was expected to pave the way for a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis and a permanent end to the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine, which has claimed 2,600 lives since March.

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