Enrique Iglesias sleeps like vampire!

Enrique Iglesias sleeps like vampire!

enriqueSpanish singer Enrique Iglesias says he sleeps very little during the nights and instead, prefers to rest during the day like a vampire.

The “Heart Attack” singer comes alive in the evenings and he admits he developed his nocturnal habits because of his hectic pop career, reports contactmusic.com.

Describing what he does to relax, he said: “When I have free time, I usually practice aquatic sports or I try to have a walk with my dogs next to the sea. But the truth is that I am not able to do that frequently due to the huge amount of work I have to deal with.”

“Fortunately, I have got used to it over the years and, in the end, I have been able to cope with everything even if I feel tired. It is true that I barely sleep but, as vampires do, I prefer resting during the day,” he added.

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