Parul Paliwal with Inputs from Neha Kolape

Despite its high and diverse immigration, enormous cultural and religious diversity contemporary Australia is a highly successful and well functioning multicultural society.

Neha Kolape in a conversation with Mr. Robin Scott, Minister for Finance and Multicultural Affairs talked about the most discussed topic nowadays i.e.

Multiculturism and what the government is planning further to promote it.

Mr. Scott starting with his own culture was proud to say that all Australians share the benefits and responsibilities arising from the cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of the society especially in Victoria’s politics and if all these are taken into consideration, how India can be left behind? The Indian community has particularly an important role to play in Victoria.

Moving forward on the present scenario of domestic violence in India,it was very pleasant to hear about the funding and the interest which Mr. Scott flourished so evenly. His initiative for such cause will surely help to bring some positive hope in the communities.The untold story of domestic violence is a problem of every community. He includes that the Royal Commission will handle it in diverse communities including the Indian Migrant Communities.

If taken seriously, the scope can be a big hit as the main issue which creates the hurdle is of law and order.

Continuing his views and throwing light on this case he also talked aboutthe ideas of the government and what it is doing for enhancing other important parts of multiculturism like education. In order to assist and to complete the studies of international students, the development and implementation of the policy at the local level is intended to ensure that all students achieve their potential. This goal is made possible, in part, by helping them to acquire knowledge about and confidence in their cultural and racial identities. And according him the involvement of funds in political parties varies from situation to situation.

Mr. Scott said “The Indian community in Victoria should know that the government hasa strong support formulticulturism in Victoria”.

Indian community in Victoria is represents intellectual traditions and culture. India has a strong sports background and also a fantastic academic record. Bollywood is such a vibrant feature of India. All these traditions are being brought to Australia, which is playing an important role as an educator for the broader community and helping to make a culturally richer society.

Mr. Scott said “The youth of the country should always be encouraged to make contribution in the community building.Lastly, he ended up saying, “The government is dedicated in supporting multiculturism and the Indian community is playing a vital role in enhancing it”.

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