EMBARGO – Jillian Skinner med rel: Positive patient experiences in NSW hospitals

EMBARGO – Jillian Skinner med rel: Positive patient experiences in NSW hospitals

1More than 90 per cent of patients rate their overall experience in NSW public hospitals as good or very good, a Bureau of Health Information (BHI) survey has found.

Health Minister Jillian Skinner welcomed the findings of the BHI Patient Survey, which is based on the responses of 35,000 patients at 80 of the state’s 230 public hospitals.

“Our hospitals are continually striving for excellence and the heartening patient feedback in reports such as this is vital to ensure we are on the right track,” Mrs Skinner said.

The highlights of the BHI Patient Survey include:

· More than three quarters of patients surveyed (77%) said they would speak highly of their hospital experience if asked by family or friends;

· Most patients felt doctors (84%) and nurses (83%) ‘always’ showed kindness and caring towards them;

· Most people reported they were ‘always’ treated with respect and dignity in NSW public hospitals (86%);

· Most patients (91%) said they received the ‘right amount’ of information in advance of their hospital stay and about any medication they took home from the hospital;

· The majority of patients reported that the ‘right amount’ of information was given to them about their condition or treatment (85%) and to their family, carer, or someone close to them (78%) when needed;

· Around three quarters reported they ‘always’ got answers they could understand when they had important questions for a doctor (74%) or a nurse (75%).

“Patients also gave positive feedback about their personal engagement with staff and their overall experience in the hospital,” Mrs Skinner said.

The report also underlines areas where improvements could be made to enhance the care provided to patients and their loved ones.

“Hospital food can be improved, which is why the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government is continuing its roll out of new patient menus at hospitals across the state,” Mrs Skinner said.

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