Elitists Won’t Stop the Powerhouse Move

Elitists Won’t Stop the Powerhouse Move

Member for Parramatta, Geoff Lee led the debate for the Government in NSW Parliament, triggered by a petition to stop the Powerhouse moving to Parramatta.

Geoff said “the Powerhouse is moving to Parramatta”.

“The Premier promised it last year and we will deliver it,” stated Mr Lee.

“People have argued we should build an annex in Parramatta. I say to them, we will not accept second best. No second class institution for Parramatta. We deserve better,” commented Mr Lee.

“We make no apologies for moving the Powerhouse to Parramatta,” Mr Lee commented.

“For far too long, funding for arts and culture has been concentrated in the Sydney CBD.  That is now going to change. We are addressing the imbalance”.

“The Powerhouse move to Parramatta should not be hampered by politically-driven, elitist attacks, but should be supported by Labor who has burdened the region with their past failures to deliver vital transport and infrastructure projects.”

Geoff said this Government will not let Western Sydney down.

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