Electronic Braking System stops truck rollovers in the logging industry

Electronic Braking System stops truck rollovers in  the logging industry

2Log truck rollovers reduced from almost 40 a year to zero
Victorian Coalition Government building a safer community.

Truck and trailer rollovers have been virtually eliminated thanks to the introduction of
electronic braking systems (EBS) with stability control on B-doubles in key areas of the
Victorian logging industry, Minister for Roads Terry Mulder announced today.

“Prior to 2010, 40 trucks a year were rolling over in Victoria’s logging industry,” Mr Mulder

“The main cause of rollovers is due to logging trucks having a higher centre of gravity,
combined with bad driver behaviour habits such as speed and uneven loads.

“The EBS technology works by applying the brakes when sensors detect the trailer is not in a
controlled situation; such as if wheels are off the ground or locked up.

“The success of this safety system is due to the technology taking control and reacting much
faster than a driver could.

“In a move that highlights the excellent results of this technology, VicForests has now
mandated EBS with stability control on all heavy vehicle combinations that are contracted to
them – not just B-double trucks.”

It costs $4,000 to fit the EBS system to one trailer whereas rollovers can cause a much
greater cost to companies. Trailers involved in a rollover are usually off-road for several
weeks, causing severe productivity losses, and increasing the cost of insurance premiums.

“The initial investment of $4,000 may save operators more than $40,000 from a rollover,” Mr
Mulder said.

VicRoads Metropolitan Manager of Transport Safety Services Russell Greenland said after a
lot of hard work and consulting with the industry, there has been a huge turn around in

“The feedback we are receiving is that the system provides peace of mind to drivers and
employers – they are feeling safer behind the wheel.

President of the Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Victoria John Beer said they
are currently trialling this system on livestock trucks.

“Technology that is able to reduce the number of rollovers will always benefit any transport
industry, whether it is logging, grain or livestock,” Mr Beer said.

“We look forward to analysing the outcomes which will hopefully be as positive as they are for
the logging industry.”

Mr Mulder thanked VicRoads for their efforts in bringing about this change of attitude in the
industry and their role in educating about heavy vehicle safety.

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