Ebola Treatment Centre Update

Ebola Treatment Centre Update

MSB8389A doctor who has been working at the Australian-managed Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC) in Sierra Leone will undergo a 21-day observation period for Ebola in the United Kingdom.

Following a clinical incident, the doctor was transferred to the United Kingdom consistent with the agreement secured by the Australian Government on establishing the Centre.

The doctor, who for privacy reasons will not be named, has completed a medical assessment in the United Kingdom. They have not been diagnosed with Ebola and are not exhibiting any symptoms of Ebola.

A full investigation into the incident is being conducted. The Australian-funded ETC has strict infection prevention protocols in place, and the safety of staff and patients is paramount.

I can also confirm that a New Zealand national who recently returned to New Zealand after working at the ETC has since developed gastroenteritis symptoms. This is being managed as a potential Ebola case until Ebola can be ruled out.

To date, 118 patients have been discharged from the Centre, with 36 patients having recovered from Ebola.

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