Dunham tries ancient therapy for back ache

Dunham tries ancient therapy for back ache

b46dcbe33c1dd0f8a0349973310b7948Los Angeles, March 13 (IANS) Actress-writer Lena Dunham, who is suffering from excruciating back pain, has now turned to ancient Chinese therapy to seek relief.

The “Girls” creator has said that she is shunning traditional treatment in favour of an alternative remedy, reports contactmusic.com.

The procedure involves creating suction against the skin with heated cups to increase blood flow and speed up healing.

Dunham took to Twitter to share her ordeal.

“Bet the teenage boy who just said something sexual to me from a car didn’t know I was hobbling to the chiropractor,” she posted.

Later, Dunham also posted a photograph on her Instagram account with her back marked with several circles left by the treatment, alongside the caption, “Da (sic) cure.”

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