Duncan Gay med rel: Text to speech in new Live Traffic app for drivers

Duncan Gay med rel: Text to speech in new Live Traffic app for drivers

50Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay has announced a new version of the Live Traffic App with a text to speech function for motorists while they are on the road.

Mr Gay said the Live Traffic App has proven hugely popular already with more than three quarters of a million downloads of the app since it was first released about three years ago.

“While we get on with delivering new and upgraded roads across NSW we want to ensure motorists have live up to date information about the road network during their journey,” Mr Gay said.

“This is about informing motorists if there’s an incident or unusual congestion along their travel route, so they can decide whether to divert to an alternative route.

“I’m thrilled to release new versions of the Live Traffic NSW apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that show traffic flow on main roads around the state, as well as the current travel time for your favourite trips.

“Once you’ve set up and saved a ‘home to work’ route, the apps will tell you how long the trip will take in current traffic conditions compared to normal traffic. These travel times are based on live data provided by Google Maps.
“The existing Driver Alerts feature has also been upgraded to enable a text-to-speech function.

“Once your current location is detected, details of nearby incidents will be read out, including their location and the number of lanes affected.
“This is a very important feature for road safety as drivers will be able to find out about nearby incidents without needing to look at or touch their mobile phone at all.

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