Dr. Uppal Bags the Liverpool City Local Health Business Award another year in a row

Dr Surinder Uppal, the winner of LIVERPOOL CITY LOCAL HEALTH BUSINESS AWARD 2013 & 2014 arrived in Australia from New Dehli in 1973, and began working at Canterbury hospital.

Three years later he married Sudesh, also an accomplished doctor from Patiala. Together they opened a general practice (GP) surgery in Casula, and have been looking after the health of families for over 37 years now. In 2013 and again in 2014, Surinder and Sudesh’s practice – Casula Mall Medical Centre – was proudly awarded Best Local Health Improvement Services by the Liverpool City Council.

After decades of hard work, this is a wonderful achievement for Surinder and Sudesh. It is a firm recognition of the untiring commitment and care they have been showing their patients for many years. Surinder recently was heard to say that he and his wife have no intention of leaving their practice; “As long as our patients need us, we will stay here at Casula for many years to come”. Surinder and Sudesh have also been blessed with three adult children, who have carried their parents’ strong work ethic into their own professions.

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