Don¹t Bargain on Design

Don¹t Bargain on Design

14When deciding to build a new home price is an important consideration
when choosing a building company offering ready designs – particularly when builders seem to offer much the same.

To the uninitiated, Australian home builders can appear very similar. They seemingly offer alike-designs, materials, inclusion specifications and most match promises of build quality, times and processes.

They all purport to be experts and many can sight decades of experience. With little to differentiate between builders, many naturally focus on price
and the offer at hand.

Good price should not sacrifice quality, builder credentials and better design. The purpose of a new home is to provide suitable living conditions and to be a sound investment over time. A great home will have superior materials and be built with care and attention to detail. The builder should prove value not just promise it.

Assessing value for money can be difficult because two builder’s designs might not be like comparing apples to apples. For example two house plans might feature similar gross areas, materials, inclusions and costs. But they might not have the same living area. If you consider actual usable space, subtracting unusable spaces like hallways, you might find one design has more area to live in and therefore be a better value for money.

It pays to consider the details to understand the basis for a fair assessment of value for money. Explore the credentials of the builder’s architects. Ask for the architects name, what their experience is and even if you can meet
them. You might be surprised to know that many builders might not even know who the architect was.

Make sure you are bargaining on a quality house – not just any design.
Established in 1960 Sekisui House is one of Japan’s most respected home builders and new community developers.

It has over two million homes to its credit, as well as a multitude of awards for innovation, quality and sustainability. Sekisui House is a now a major player in the Australian market and is dedicated to bringing a unique, human philosophy to building. To find out more and for the location of your nearest display centre,please visit www.sekisuihouse. or call 13 74 22.
Don¹t Bargain on Design
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