‘Discipline must for overall Fat loss’

‘Discipline must for overall Fat loss’

Willbur Glenn Colaco is a former Environmental Scientist, currently works for Local Government Council as an Environmental Officer & pursues his passion of Health & Fitness part-time after work. Willbur is also a co-author & International speaker on topics like Universal Laws & Rudraksha Science dealing with Spirit, Mind, Body Balance.

Recently, he took a body transformation challenge, where he competed in the South Australian Bodybuilding & Physique Championships in 3 different Federations. He is the only Indian-Australian to have won in all 3 competitions. The top 3 prestigious titles that he has won are at International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) where he stood first in the ‘Posing Routine’ and won the ‘Overall Best Male Poser’ and stood third in the ‘Men’s Physique Division Short’ (below 173 cm).

At the World Fitness Federation (WFF) / National Amateur Body-Builders Association (NAABA) he stood second in the ‘Men – Sports Model Class 1 Division’ – South Australia.
Stood second in the ‘Male Posing Theme Wear Routine’ and then stood third in the ‘Men’s Physique Overall Champion’ at Australasian Natural Bodybuilding

Ask him what motivated him to take up the challenge, he says, “I think being a Libran, I have always believed in a balance of Spirit, Mind & Body. For 2016, I set my goals in all 3 areas.
Spirit – Doing the 3rd eye (Shambhavi Mahamudra) meditation by Sadhguru. Which I ticked off in April 2016.

Mind – From being a co-author, I wanted to publish my own book as an Author. This is in the process & I shall be launching/self-publishing my book in Dec 2016.

Body – I have been an ardent fan of Lord Shiva’s Physique since childhood & wanted to transform my own Physique and put it to the test by participation in South Australia’s prestigious Natural Bodybuilding & Physique Championships.

Hence under the guidance of a World Champion Coach, I began my Training & Nutrition regime 18 weeks out before the first competition. Starting from 86 Kg, I lost 16 Kg in 18 weeks, to reach my target weight of 70 Kg and have a 6 pack ‘Aamir Khan – Ghajini’ like Physique.

Being a Novice & Amateur Athlete, competing with Professionals, and being placed in the ‘TOP 3’ Winnings for all 3 Natural Bodybuilding Federations in South Australia was a fantasy come true. But seeing so many friends support my journey on Facebook & they themselves getting into training was very rewarding.”

So, what message does he want to give to the people of Australia with this fitness challenge? “I would like to share with the people of Australia my message, that whatever our mind can conceive, our body can achieve. Having a Goal and Motivational pointers (both self & surrounding) is the first step towards transforming anything in our Life. And when it comes to transforming one’s Body, discipline in one’s eating is an absolute must for overall Fat loss. A regimented Weight Training program under the guidance of a Personal Trainer is recommended if one does not have experience in Weight Training.
Combining all of the above, and being consistent & dedicated for a set period of time, makes anything we do a Habit and as the Greek Philosopher Aristotle says ‘You are what you repeatedly do, Excellence then is not an Act, but a Habit’.

I hope my physical transformational journey and victory could be an inspiration to many other Indians across Australia who would want to improve their own health & fitness,” he said.

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