With whom Deepika celebrated her birthdayPrerna Maynil, a commerce student of Dombivli’s Model College is a dedicated fan of actress Deepika Padukone and recently she got a chance to meet the actress on a one on one basis. Not only this, Prerna also walked hand in hand at the red carpet along with Deepika Padukone at a recent award function.

Prerna, had sent Deepika around 100 fan mails, traditional letters, tweets etc. However a few days back, Prerna unexpectedly got a call from Deepika’s team asking her to accompany the actress for the forthcoming award function. Prerna was shocked and it was difficult for her to digest the conversation which she had with the actress’s team.

Deepika Padukone says, “The intention was not to create a Cinderella moment or change someone’s life. I thought if I win, I’d like to call Prerna on stage as a representation of all my fans who have given me so much love.

Prerna was completely taken aback with the entire turn of events which were taking place.

She admits that she was quite nervous and adds, “Deepika was so warm and friendly that all my apprehensions vanished. She has absolutely no airs”

The 28 year old actress, throughout her life has been strongly influenced by her father Prakash Padukone, and believes that she should conduct herself perfectly in public exactly the way her parents did.

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