Cultural Bonanza guaranteed @ Wyndham Diwali Mela

Cultural Bonanza guaranteed @  Wyndham Diwali Mela

One of the most popular annual events commemorating Victorian Multicultural Festival of Lights will be held later this month.

‘Wyndham Diwali Mela,’ which has become an exemplary celebration of multiculturalism, promises to be bigger and better this year, with the participation of an increasing number of local artistes, performers and guests.

‘Wyndham Diwali Meal 2016’ will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at Presidents Park, Wyndham Vale. The Festival will commence at 12 pm and conclude at 10 pm with a spectacular display of fireworks.

New Era of Progress

While Diwali in itself denotes joyous occasion of the good vanquishing the bad, its occurrence on the Wyndham City annual Calendar is seen as the dawn of a new era of progress and prosperity. With an array of delicacies bringing alive the uniqueness of its culinary art, Diwali is also an observation that brings people together irrespective of their vicissitudes and beliefs.

Wyndham Diwali Mela will demonstrate on the one hand cultural diversity and witness on the other Communities presenting multicultural unity. The spirit of goodwill and harmony will dominate the environment as government bodies, commercial organisations, community groups and others get together to celebrate.

Wyndham Diwali has grown to become one of the most popular community based event in Melbourne, Australia – which encourages and implements unity in diversity. This community festival relies solely on the generous financial and “in-kind” support from the state government, local government, corporate businesses, volunteers, media and local industry.

New Hope dawns

Sartorial resplendency, fireworks, sweets, fun, frolic, music, goodwill and family get together are all a part of the festival of lights celebrated throughout the world. To millions of followers, Diwali denotes a new year, a new lease of life, new hopes and new dreams.

People in the current Australian wider community join in celebrating the festival, in increasing numbers year after year. The spirit of the day will loom large with the common people exchanging sweets and greetings.

As it is often said, there is much more to Diwali than feasting and merrymaking. It is a holy tradition, symbolising the victory of light over darkness and celebration of wealth and prosperity. Over the years, it has transcended limits of nationality and even religion.

Australia Celebrates

Australians have learnt to celebrate the festival with the same gusto as other festive occasions, with an estimated 500,000 Indians settled in the country. Due to the large number of followers here, Diwali is one of the festivals that is celebrated with enthusiasm. The lightening of lamps and diyas is a common practice. The festival is marked by lightening of earthen lamps in rows making images out of the rows. Traditionally, goddess of wealth is worshipped as the Giver of wealth and fireworks are used to scare away evil spirits. However, this is adopted in Wyndham City and surrounds as a new flow of admiration. This is abundantly visible at the festival each year.

Wyndham Diwali Mela

While the State with the largest Indian population in Australia, Victoria is also home to the largest number of followers in the country. Therefore, Diwali is marked with added gaiety and fun.

Wyndham is no exception.

The growing presence of various communities in this fast growing region has enhanced the interest in various cuisine, costumes, colors and cultures. Each of these is manifest in the Festival of Lights. Wyndham Diwali Mela bring alive each of these, boosting in the process, the region’s economy, tourism, communities, and togetherness.

Among the major stakeholders and sponsors of this annual event are the Office of Multicultural Affairs & Citizenship, Wyndham City Council and a number of cultural and social organisations.

As the event attracts thousands of people from across ethnic groups, ‘Wyndham Diwali Mela’ is a veritable platform to promote arts, products and services.

The day-long event is ideal for promoting not only products and services but also the commercial profile of large, medium and small companies. With continuous performances of classical and modern music and dancers, the cultural extravaganza attracts people from a cross-section of the society.

It is therefore an ideal avenue to create awareness, improve marketing potential and achieve sales objectives of commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

Companies participating in this Diwali programme have the potential to reach markets in Melbourne, Geelong, Melton and other western suburbs.

Wyndham Diwali has grown to become one of the most popular community based event in Melbourne, Australia – which encourages and brings about unity in diversity. This community festival relies solely on the generous financial and ‘in-kind’ support from the State and Local governments, corporate businesses, volunteers and media.

Diwali is a celebration of light, a light that represents many things: the triumph of light over darkness, goodness over evil and hope for the future.

In short, Diwali is about enlightenment.

As various communities have developed in Wyndham, they have contributed to the increasingly diverse and varied society in which we live. Thus the community has built a reputation for hard work and strong family values through the unique celebration of Wyndham’s own Multicultural Festival of Lights for the State of Victoria.

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