Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev to hold a yoga camp in Australia

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev to hold a yoga camp in Australia

One of the World’s leading and most acclaimed Yoga master, Swami Ramdev conducts his popular and successful Yoga Workshops in India and various other countries. These Yoga Camps are attended by thousands of participants, broadcasted live on television and watched by millions of people around the world, in more than 177 countries. All Yoga workshops are conducted and directed personally by Swami Ramdev.

ramdevHe has founded an organisation called‘PATANJALI YOGPEETH’ for promoting knowledge and practice of Yoga, meditation and spirituality through its numerous affiliate institutions – for the “GOOD HEALTH and WELL BEING OF BODY, MIND and SOUL” of people of the world at large, irrespective of Cast, Creed or Religion.

Swami Ramdev has received various national and internationally acclaimed recognition including an Honorary University Doctorate Degree, Golden Peacock Global Award for public service by Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Ola Ullsten.
Internationally, Swami Ramdev was part of the 4th Knowledge Millennium Summit with Noble Laureate Prof. Sir, Harry Koto and had been invited to a garden tea party hosted by Queen Elizabeth II, at Buckingham Palace.

On the invitation of Secretary General of U. N. O., in Oct. 2006, Swami Ramdev was a special guest of the United Nations, in New York and was honored on becomingFirst Indian Spiritual and Yoga Guru to lead millions of people across the world in over 80 countries and to observe “Standup against poverty initiative Campaign” held at Times Square, New York. In brief, he has received many national and international awards from time to time.

He is a celibate from the childhood, Saint (Monk) and a Yoga Master, who does not possess any material possessions/income or wealth of his own, by way of his personal Salary/Bank Account or Property etc., in the worldly sense, as such. All his expenses are being taken care of by his Trusts.

He plans to visit Australia, to promote “GOOD HEALTH and WELL-BEING” of the people of Australia, through his YOGA Camps from 2nd April to 13th April 2015, in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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