Congress rattled by Obama’s successful visit: BJP

Congress rattled by Obama’s successful visit: BJP

90New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) The BJP Tuesday said the Congress was “cut off from the reality of changes” and “rattled by the successful visit” of US President Barack Obama, following criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he was busy doing his own “PR” (public relations) and not anything concrete.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu said “it shows to what extent the Congress is cut off from the reality of changes in the country and the significance of the initiatives of our government led by Narendra Modi”.

During the just concluded visit of Obama, a significant breakthrough was achieved in taking forward the India-US Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement that was stuck for about six years. Defence cooperation was also taken to a new level with concrete understanding, he said.

“The positive chemistry forged between Modi and Obama will further cement relations between the people of the two countries besides creating substantial goodwill for our country among the US business and investors,” he said.

Naidu asked if the Congress was “truly and the only pro-poor party, as claimed by Rahul Gandhi”, then why was the party’s performance so poor in the Lok Sabha polls.

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