Common male habits that annoy women

Common male habits that annoy women

You may be madly in love with him, but every man has at least a habit that gets on a woman’s nerves. shares a list of such issues:

* He never admits he’s wrong: Even if he is, he will always find a loophole and turn it around.
* He takes the TV remote: He likes to keep the remote and always wants to watch alien-based TV shows like “Star Wars” or “Star Trek”.

* He snores: Even if you poke him, it’s difficult to stop him from snoring. And if you choose to sleep in the spare room, it still resonates through the walls.

* He never does housework: He lets his clothes pile up or hides his socks down the side of the couch instead of putting them in the basket. If he does clean, he wants thanking for it several times over.

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