Police are continuing to receive calls from members of the public claiming to have been contacted by someone calling from Collingwood Police Station and demanding money.

The phone scam is believed to have started on 27 April and is currently under investigation.

Members of the public have continued to contact police stating they received a call from the number 9419 4911, which is the Collingwood Police Station.

The calls are threatening in nature and the caller demands a sum of money from the victim as well as their location.

The caller tells the victim that there are pending Federal charges against them and if they pay the money, the matter will be resolved.

The calls are not from the Collingwood Police Station or any law enforcement agency.

There has been no breach of police phone lines and investigators believe the offenders are using programs that allow for a chosen number to be displayed when calling victims.

Reports of the calls have been received from a number of locations across the state and are not limited to the Collingwood or inner city areas.

If you receive a call, police ask that you do not pay the money and report the matter to your local police station.

Anyone with further information about the scam is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at

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