Coalition Government delivers record investment in police resourcing

Coalition Government delivers record investment in police resourcing

1Under the Victorian Coalition Government there are now more than 1,500  extra frontline police, not less, with a further 200 to be recruited by  November this year.

There are also more than 750 Protective Services Officers protecting  commuters at rail stations, which is 750 more than there was under Labor.
An additional 190 are still to come.

These additional police are due to the Coalition Government’s record  investment in police resourcing in Victoria.

Our commitment to police and tackling crime forms part of the single  largest law and order recruitment exercise in Victoria’s history.

In addition to the more than 1,500 additional police being deployed, there  are also crucial frontline taskforces being developed by the Chief  Commissioner for Police to tackle key crime areas.

This includes more frontline taskforce police targeting family violence,  organised crime, outlaw motorcycle gangs and illicit drug manufacture and  distribution, and road safety.

The Coalition Government strongly supports the Chief Commissioner in the  development of these frontline taskforces which will significantly improve  the way Victoria Police crack down on crime in this state.

Contrary to outrageous and misleading scaremongering by the Opposition,  the formation of these critical frontline taskforces does not mean  frontline police resources have been diminished.

By their cynical flip-flopping on the issue of police resourcing in this  state, Labor and Daniel Andrews once again lose all credibility. By trying  to walk both sides of the street, Labor merely proves it doesn’t know  where it stands on this issue.

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