CIA Presented First Edition Of ‘Little India Deepavali Fair 2017’ At Harris Park

CIA Presented First Edition Of ‘Little India Deepavali Fair 2017’ At Harris Park

The Council of Indian Australians Positioned Harris Park as a ‘Little India’ with grand Celebration of ‘Radhe’s Little India Deepavali Fair 2017’ On 7th  October, 2017 at Wigram Street Harris Park!

The first edition of ‘Little India Deepavali Fair 2017’ at Wigram Street Harris Park went off extremely well and was a highly successful event.

Various political dignitaries from both sides of politics – federal and state attended the event alongwith a number of community leaders.

Mr Mohit Kumar, President of Council of Indian Australians welcomed all dignitaries and guests and commenced the proceeding of the function. Mr Sanjay Deshwal, Event Director and Secretary of CIA gave an overview of the concept behind Little India positioning in Harris Park. Mr Deshwal stated in his speech, “I had a dream of making Harris Park as ‘Little India’ from many years. Today, that dream has been  fulfilled and I am thankful to those who have helped in the journey until date.

Special thanks goes to Dr Geoffery Lee MP Member from Parramatta and a good friend of Indian community and owners of the local businesses in Harris Park. I would like to extend best wishes and take the opportunity to spread the message of multiculturalism, love, goodwill, compassion and peace.”

The ambience at the Little India Deepavali Fair was very vibrant, colorful and unique due to closure of the entire Wigram Street for the day. There were multi-color flags all over the street, food/merchandise stalls, rides for kids and local businesses have put up their own variety of special Deepavali items and henna stalls. It was a true street festival atmosphere with lots happening for people all around on the street. Highlights of the programs:

  • Yoga Performance by Spirit of India – Deepavali is the New Year for Hindus and as a New Year resolution, CIA spread awareness and benefits of yoga to community
  • Non-stop entertainment on stage with main stage decorated with special Diwali colours. Special thanks were extended to Ms Sumati from Swastik Dance group and Ms Kanan Shah for arranging excellent dance groups.
  • Authentic Indian Food from best of the best in Sydney cuisines. People had a lot of opportunities to enjoy the hospitality and delicious food of local Indian restaurants.
  • Dhol performance with audience participation.
  • Lots of kids entertainment and rides.
  • Multiple Henna corners, Photo booth and daily offers and lucky draws from merchandise stores!
  • Lakshmi Puja and Maha Arti.

Speaking highly about diversity and relevance of Deepavali celebration in multicultural Australia,

Mr Philip Rodduck Hornsby Shire Mayor said, “It is a pleasure to be at a event that demonstrates that Australia is particularly a unique country and what makes it unique is we’ve the third highest proportion of oversees born people of any of the other counties in the world all but Luxemburg and Israel. And I tell you if diversity was a problem, we should have the significant problems around but we don’t. It works and one of the reasons it works is  we welcome people from wherever they come from and they make a commitment to this nation and its culture and they are as much Australians as anybody else. I want to congratulate Indian community for their commitment to this nation”.


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