Chinese Communist Party official sacked over sex scandal

Chinese Communist Party official sacked over sex scandal

sex workerA senior Communist Party school official in northwest China’s Shaanxi province has been dismissed from his post and expelled from the party over a sex scandal, a local anti-graft agency said Monday.

The punishment came after an official investigation into Qin Guogang, vice-president of the party school of the Shaanxi committee of the Communist Party of China, over allegations of a sexual relationship with a female post-graduate in the school, Xinhua reported.

The CPC’s Shaanxi provincial disciplinary commission gave no further details.

Qin was embroiled in a sex scandal after photos of a naked man resembling him appeared online last Monday.

According to posts in cyberspace, he maintained sexual relations with the post-graduate for more than a year with the promise of marrying her, only for he and his wife to later beat the student in a school office.

The photos were stills from a video shot Aug 13, 2013, in the residence of the post-graduate, according to Qu Jianguo, the woman’s lawyer.

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