China logs on to its first internet-themed museum

China logs on to its first internet-themed museum

46Beijing, March 7 (IANS)┬áChina will build its first internet museum to chronicle the development of the net in the increasingly wired country, China’s internet network watchdog said Friday.

The museum will show the history and fruits of China’s Internet development, with some of the exhibition open to the public in early April, Xinhua reported citing the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), one of the major organisers.

CNNIC is the administrative agency responsible for internet affairs under the ministry of information industry of China.

Multiple digital technologies will be used to colour the show and social networking platforms to interact with netizens, with the introduction of a mobile app to enable a virtual trip within the museum, said Li Xiaodong, executive director of CNNIC.

China now has over 600 million netizens with mobile internet users expanding to 500 million. E-commerce and gaming are booming as information technology becomes key to updating the economy.

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