Chef Anshul Chandna: On his way to change culinary vision

Chef Anshul Chandna: On his way to change culinary vision

Anshul Chandna who has been working as the Executive Chef at the Australian National University since March 2012 is pursuing a new endeavour and he is delighted to share about securing an incredible opportunity to work in Azurmendi kitchen (three Michelin stars) in Larrabetzu, Spain with Chef Eneko Atxa.

“I am currently in Spain experiencing the Brainy tongue project–Sensory Logic of the Gastronomic in San Sebastian (Basque Culinary Center) to explore the conceptual knowledge & understanding of food perception, through interactive seminars and experiments”, said Chandna. “ It is initiated by top chefs such as Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck), Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz #7-World’s 50 best restaurants in 2016), Janice Wong(2am-Singapore) and Eneko Atxa(Azurmendi #16-World’s 50 best restaurants in 2016), who will join a group of scientists including Irene Miguel-Aliaga, Leslie Vosshall , Charles Spence and Charles Zuker,” he informed.

img_4149-1How did he come on board? “It all started in June 2016, at ‘James Viles’ Biota celebrity chef dinner event where the Chef motivated me to explore my potential, which had a bigger & better profile in future.

We spoke at length about food, products, foraging & our industry which gave me a very positive insight into what is already achieved & a futuristic path as a professional,” Chandna equipped.

“After that day something changed within me and I decided to give my very best in chasing my dreams. After a lot of menu related & research work, in mid-September I heard from Chef Eneko Atxa through a letter in inviting me to come & work in his restaurant for 2017 season.

It was an overwhelming experience for me, not only in justifying my knowledge of world cuisines (being of Indian origin) but also as first generation immigrant in Australia( I moved to Australia in May 2007 from Palm Springs ,California USA as an inter-company transfer to work in the Westin Sydney hotel).”

“I was confident & somewhat adamant in proving myself, where my culinary work experience in Sydney (2007-10 & 2011-12),UK (2003-05),USA (2005-07) & India (1999-2003) all came together. I also worked as Head Chef at National Gallery of Australia from 2010-11 in Canberra”, he says.

His next plan? “At this stage, I plan to work the whole season with Eneko and change my entire culinary vision by the time I come back to Canberra.

Writing a book is something I also plan to pursue while I am there.”

“This is an opportunity through which I want to take my knowledge to a whole new level, and in creating various possibilities for future,” he said in an optimistic tone.

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