Charles Stuart University : A new educational mentor @ Brisbane

Charles Stuart University : A new educational mentor @ Brisbane

By Ashutosh Raina

Brisbane students just got a new educational mentor. That is Charles Stuart University, in collaboration with Study Centre!

On 23rd August, 2016 over a 100 people attended CSU Study Centre campus inauguration at its Charlotte St address. The event was attended by state and local government representatives, industry partners, leaders of peak multicultural community groups, as well as staff, students and alumni.

Brisbane Study Centre embraces Queensland’s focus on building the state’s reputation as the go-to state for international students, bringing CSU’s expertise in delivering industry-connected degree courses that ensure our graduates have the skills and knowledge to make a real impact after graduating. The new Centre will be based on CSU’s innovative approach to supporting international students, that connects incoming Indian students directly with the local multicultural community to help them settle and integrate – thus meeting their cultural as well as educational needs.

Hon Grace, who is the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Minister for Racing & Minister for Multicultural Affairs, graced the occasion by inaugurating the centre. She spoke in length the role of education for the society as well as the impact of international students to the overall economy of Queensland, which can take the state to be the knowledge and innovation hub.

A student from Sri Lanka, Ms. Chathurika, had this to say on the night: “I’m so excited to be studying at CSU Study Centre Brisbane because it’s a great place to build my career in accounting and experience a new country. Brisbane is a beautiful city to live in”.

While speaking to Warren Jacobs, Managing Director of Study Group, following points came out:

  1. CSU regional & Study Group has a 20 year partnership
  2. India is the largest concentration focus area, with a close to existing 50% students coming from the country
  3. Major Indian cities to be targeted, with their own offices as well as partner-offices
  4. Integrated learning and cohesion with the community is the focus area, which includes cultural emotions and extra-curricular activities
  5. Graduate employment outcome close to 90%


For the benefit of our readers, some of the benefits of the partnership are as:

  1. 20 plus years of rich experience
  2. Focussed as much on academics as is on other activities
  3. Embedded language education
  4. Peer-assisted study groups & Mentor programs
  5. Cultural assimilation like day trip to beach, sporting events, life saving info sessions, etc
  6. Industry, NGO partnerships in place

(The writer, Ashutosh Raina, is the Founder Director @ Knowledge Partner Professionals Pty Ltd.)

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