Change your Handwriting, Change your life…!

Change your Handwriting, Change your life…!







By Rrajesh Kothhari

Can you change yourself? Well, most of the people say, “People can’t change.” It’s truly said that– “Where there is a will there is a way.” You can do anything, if you are willing to do and have the correct path, whether it is a matter of exaltation of your personality. Each person has all the resources within himself or herself, that are necessary to change life. The handwriting Analysis (Graphology), HELPS identify personality traits, human character, inherent qualities and skills through handwriting. Thanks to the incredible science of Graphology and Grapho-therapy, for giving an easy and effective tool to choose your own destiny, shaping own personalities, rising up the corporate ladder and begin to live your life with true potential. Let’s see how it works!

2.Grapho-therapyScientifically, when you write, your brain guides your muscles of hands to move in a certain way.The interesting part is that the reverse also holds true and that is you can influence your minds through handwriting. Grapho-therapy is the process of changing your handwriting style to positively affect your personality, attitude and general outlook on life.

By analyzing handwriting, an expert graphologist can examine this two-way connection between your brain and your muscle, and rewrite the connection to alter certain aspects of your personality. Grapho-therapy works on the negative traits and addition of positive traits depend on person’s existing handwriting, his or her profession and position which enhances the personality with just some writing exercise. The writing exercise involves just few modifications in existing handwriting like traits, stroke, slants, shapes, sizes and pressure. Even stacking of traits also plays important role in grapho-therapy. For Example, if you change the way you cross the “t” then has a corresponding effect upon your self-worth and your self-esteem. Every letter has several different definitions depending on how you write.

Grapho-therapy never changes person’s handwriting for purpose of aesthetical look. Infact, aesthetically beautiful handwriting does not co-relate to the person having a good or an impressive personality and vice-versa. In terms of Graphology, stylish beautiful calligraphic script writing has some wrong strokes which unintentionally creates negative impact on person.Think…! What you want, better appearance of handwriting or better life?

A healthy body needs regular physical exercise, similarly, a positive and healthy brain needs regular nonmedical exercise via grapho-therapy. Just pick up a pen and a few sheets of paper and practice the recommended exercises for about 10 minutes every day for 30 days at a stretch, without fail. The task is not arduous. It’s easy, convenient, fruitful and economical. The writing exercise suggested by Grapho-therapist is not something that happens overnight, but it takes several days of regular practice to building long-lasting habits, expanding brain elasticity, and forming new neuro-pathways. Through such regular and conscious practice, your brain accepts the change that you aspire for and gradually you will notice the effects.

Similar to Handwriting analysis and Grapho-therapy few other elements such as Signature analysis, Signature makeover approved and certified by Handwriting University International, California.

The writer is a certified Handwriting Analyst, Consultant and Mentor who has helped a lot of individuals improve their careers and overall well-being through his comprehensive handwriting analysis. To know more you can visit:

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