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Sanjay Dutt again gets an extended parole. A statement heard for the third time in less than a year.

Sanjay Dutt got his parole extended by 30 days from the Government of Maharashtra. He again submitted an application last week, seeking further extension citing the illness of his wife Maanyata.

Out-on-parole-Sanjay-DuttMr. Dutt is convicted in 2013 by the Supreme Court for his role in the 1993 Mumbai blast case under the Arms Act for illegal possession of weapons. He was sentenced to a five-year jail term, the actor has already served 18 months of which.

Though the Jail authorities claim the parole extension was granted only after receiving a mandatory report from the Mumbai police, which included the medical report on Maanyta’s illness given by a doctor panel.

But an important question which rises in such paroles is, if these paroles are going to send the right message to the public?

Yes, it is true that any convict is eligible for 90 days parole in a calendar year. But has such a quick extension of parole seen in India earlier?

In the past, many opposition parties in the state, including the Bhartiya Janta Party, have continuously raised strong objections to the extension of parole, clearly stating such treatment towards a blast accused would send a wrong message in the public.

Such concerns are important to keep in mind, as one has never seen such extensions given to another convict in jail who has committed any crime.

According to Mr. Pawar, Sanjay Dutt has already taken a parole of 60 days and this extension of another 30 days is going to be his parole in this calendar year. Dutt will now remain out of jail until March 21.

Is this easy extension of Parole citing an example that there are different and easier rules for the Celebrities in India?

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