Brothers in UAE search for Indian sister

Brothers in UAE search for Indian sister

Two brothers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are searching for their half sister, who was born in India 40 years ago.

Ibrahim Abdul15la, who lives in Khorfakkan area in Sharjah, said that three years before his father’s death, he told them that he had a daughter in India but he had failed to find her, the Khaleej Times reported Saturday.

Abdulla said that his father was worried that he had not fulfilled his responsibility as a father.

The brothers intensified their search after reading a news report that a 40-year-old lady was in search of her father, who had died.

He said that their father told them that he married an Indian woman during a visit to India.

Months after his return to the UAE, he learnt from people who knew him and his Indian wife that she had given birth to a girl and that his daughter’s name is Fatima.

He travelled to India many times but could not track down his wife and daughter as they relocated to another place.

Abdulla said their father had been so worried that he would die without seeing his daughter that he had sleepless nights.

He said that his brother Ahmed, who lives in London now, and his sisters are keen to find their Indian half sister.

The two brothers had visited India several times in search of their sister.

They also contacted the Dubai Police after reading reports about an Indian woman who came to the UAE after 40 years to search for her father, who had by that time died.

But the woman said that she belonged to another family living in another emirate.

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