Britain’s deadly Monkshood plant claims gardner’s life

London, Nov 7 (IANS) A gardner is believed to have died after brushing against a deadly wolfsbane plant, one of the most dangerous plants found in Britain’s gardens, a British daily reported Friday.

Nathan Greenaway, 33, may have brushed against the flower aconitum, also known as Devil’s Helmet and Monkshood, while tending before he collapsed at a millionaire’s estate, a coroner heard, The Independent reported.

Greenaway was rushed to hospital where despite numerous blood tests, doctors were unable to establish what was wrong and he died from multiple organ failure five days later on Sep 7.

Gardener’s father took up investigation into his son’s mysterious death and it was then that the connection with the deadly plant came to light.

Experts believe that the toxins of the plant, which is rarely identified as a cause of death despite growing wild across the country, can easily enter the blood and affect the heart if protective clothing is not worn when handling the flower.

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