Brisbane – Ghazal Night – Dr. Radhika Chopra

Brisbane – Ghazal Night – Dr. Radhika Chopra

Born and brought up in Jammu, Radhika started learning music at a very young age from Pt. J.R.Sharma and started performing on stage and for All India Radio Jammu. After graduating from Govt College for women Jammu, she joined the Faculty of music and fine arts, Delhi University for post graduation in Hindustani classical music. She topped the university and also did her M.Phil. And Ph.D. from the faculty itself. She learnt Thumri, Dadra and Ghazal from the most eminent guru, Smt. Shanti Hiranand, renowned disciple of Begum Akhtar. Dr. Radhika Chopra

In an era where fusion and new age music dominate the current Indian music scenario, Dr. Radhika Chopra, an extremely talented and a versatile artiste, predominantly features as a rare performer who continues to excel and please the connoisseur with her traditional puritan raga based gayaki. Dr. Radhika Chopra, is a much sought after composer and singer not only across India and Pakistan, but as far away as the United Kingdom, the Near East and East Africa where loyal audiences have been charmed and enthralled by her melodious & soul stirring renditions, and fabulous personality. Blessed with the divine gift of music and years of relentless effort to achieve perfection, Dr. Chopra’s excellence & finesse, her crisp & clear voice coupled with her impeccable diction of both the Hindi and Urdu languages have won her accolades of the discerning listener right across the globe.

Dr. Chopra’s accomplishments have been recognized by the highest authorities in the field of Indian music, having been empanelled by the ICCR to perform in foreign countries to promote classical Indian music and commissioned by the Indian Ministry of Culture to commemorate legendary figures such as Ghalib, Kundan Lal Saigal, et al. Radhika Chopra has also performed at the ‘Jahan-E-Khusrau’ Sufi Festival to mark the death anniversary of Hazrat Amir Khusrau.

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