Brand Pattu founder Raja offers- Greet & Meet Megastar Salman Khan

Brand Pattu founder Raja offers- Greet & Meet Megastar Salman Khan

By Nidhi Kumari

Weekly prizes on offer, opportunity to Meet & Greet Salman Khan with a travel ticket , 4-star accommodation, airport transfers for the winners and much more, Mr. Raja, the brainchild of brand Pattu,  Sabi Foods elaborates on Da-Bang The tour, the contest and his way of giving back to the society.

Pattu is sponsoring Salman Khan starrer Da-Bang The Tour Concert to be held in Australia this April. What made you invest in this particular event?

Bollywood is big, not just within our community but throughout Australia. Here we are talking about the star who has the mass attraction in Bollywood – that too on his Dabang Tour of the world, which I believe is gaining momentum from this side of the world. This show is going to be the show of the decade. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to utilise for marketing benefits.

You are also running a contest where Salman Khan’s fans have the golden opportunity to Meet & Greet the mega star. How did you come up with this idea?

During our initial discussion with the event organisers, I was told that there are people who are prepared to pay huge sum of money to meet with Salman Khan during his tour here. Salman’s office has given clear instructions to the organisers that they are not allowed to sell any tickets for a meet & greet. But he would be happy to do that for the sponsors which is very nice of him. However, for me I wanted to give this excitement of meeting with Salman to a consumer as without them we would not be in business today. So I came up with a scratch and win lucky draw which allows any consumer to win either a weekly double pass, or 2 x double passes to meet and greet Salman Khan either in Melbourne or Sydney at Da-Bang, The Show.

Can you elaborate as to how the consumers can avail it?

Buy any of the specially marked packs of Pattu Lentils 1kg and you could meet one of Bollywood’s greatest actors, Salman Khan! It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4!

  1. Buy any of the specially marked packs of Pattu Da-Bang! Labelled Lentils
  2. Flip the pack over and peel the sticker back to reveal the unique code.
  3. Enter your details and unique code on this page below to get into the draw to win.
  4. Repeat this process whilst the competition is on! Every unique code that your enter (found on the specially marked Pattu Lentils pack) is another step closer to meeting Salman Khan!

We have created a special website for this occasion to make it easy for anyone can to log on to to understand and enter the lucky draw.

Not just 2 winners to meet with Salman, but we are giving FREE Double pass tickets every week for entrants, i.e.Over the 8 week promotion,  8 double passes to see Da-Bang, The Show will be given away too!

More, we are also providing flights, 4-star accommodation, airport transfers for the winners for meet & greet, if they are selected from a city other the one from where the event is happening.

How will the winners of the contest be selected?

All draws are registered with respective state governments. Terms & Conditions are have been devised through TPAL and published on the website which cannot be altered without permission. All draws are conducted via Random Draws so it has been professionally managed by a third party. Even I don’t get to know who the winner is, till it becomes public on the website. Every Friday at 3pm, our weekly prize draw is held. Final winners for the Meet & Greet Salman Khan will also be drawn on 14th April, at 3pm too. So, anyone who uses dhal, beans, peas etc. at their home, buy Pattu Brand to get an opportunity to meet with Salman! The more they buy, the more the chances to enter and win!

You’ve selected lentils category for Pattu Da-Bang Meet & Greet with Salman. Any specific reason for selecting lentils from among the vast range of products?

Since this campaign has to start and finish within 60 days, I picked a fast-moving category of our range so that the reach is quicker into the retail outlet and sales out of the shelves are quick too. This being the suitable category to execute this campaign.

How has the response of this contest been so far, from the consumers?

As any Sales Campaign, it was very slow in the first 2 weeks but has picked up well now. Last week (4th week), I was told the entries were in good numbers. We are expecting the numbers to be really big during the last 2 weeks, which are 1&2ndweek of April. To mention, we are having great support from the retailers and our special thanks to them, without them this is not possible.

What do you think is clicking with the consumers: most sought after brand Pattu or the craze to meet Salman?

Pattu is a simply a household name in Australia within our community. But Salman Khan, well he is celebrity royalty. So, I cannot have any comparison of Pattu with Salman. He is the biggest star of the earth!

Do you think by giving the film aficionados a chance to meet & greet the biggest star on earth, you are kind of giving back to the community?

Definitely yes. I feel that I was given this opportunity to give something back to the community and I took it. Just to mention, my dhall manufacturer overseas, who has the largest dhall plant in the world, is a diehard fan of Salman. When I told him about this, he jumped to say that he is coming to Australia to enter in the competition! It’s all about giving back and this is an offer for 2 lucky winners that money really cannot buy – unless you buy Pattu Lentils and enter our competition!

Are you a Salman Khan Fan?

Of course I am. The man is a Bollywood living legend!He has a rock star status so who wouldn’t want to meet and get photos with him?

Can you recall any Film of Salman Khan that you’ve seen and really liked?

I still recollect some scenes from “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”, though it was early on in his career. And of course, I have watched “Dabang”. Recent one was “Sultan”.

Final comments:

This event is an excitement for all of us, including the retailers and consumers. If one customer wins’ prize out of a pack of Pattu lentil for $3 or $4, the retailer has gained one loyal customer. The organiser is also happy that the reminder to buy the tickets for the show happens every time the customer opens the pack at home. This is a win-win for all. I am sure this would be the show of the decade in Australia within our community – wishing excitement for every fan of Salman Khan.pattu raja1

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