Born Sportsman Monty:The youngest and finest NRL players

Born Sportsman Monty:The youngest and finest NRL players

A very focused and disciplined upcoming young 18 year old sportsman, Monty, who currently plays under Bulldog comp and has just started training and playing with  BB A grade team is one of the best NRL players of his generation. He is frequently considered as the youngest best contemporary player. Monty’s playing style and ability has drawn comparisons to few famous Legends like  Benji Marshall  and looks compared to Ben Barbar. His role model is Darren Lockyer.

At the age of 12, he was selected to represent Sydney for a state NRL cup.  Making his under 13 NRL debut in the 2009 season, he made his school very proud to be chosen as the youngest footballer to play a league game, and also the youngest to represent his school for cross country. Other Major honours soon followed him and he became very well known among sports fertility, community and school.

Monty comes from a bloodline of Sports and arts families. His maternal Simmons families are very famous sportsmen for more than decades till to date in New Zealand, Fiji, USA, UK and Australia. Monty’s cousins  Fehoko brothers are famous American league players in United states of America.

There is ‘no stoping’ for Monty in anything . He knows a lot more factors go into a decision like this. The nature of being a professional footballer means that players can often end up with lots of free time on their hands but in Monty’s case he does not, he is also pursuing his degree in construction/Engineering at UWS. He already knows what he is going to do when he finally hangs up his boots in years to come.

He also focuses on charity organisation for underprivileged kids and he is working towards a foundation very soon.

Monty’s Manager Mr. Joe Nakat is looking out for a great debut for Monty.

Monty’s achievements are as follows:

2006…started playing local club Hawks under Parramatta Comp

2007… awarded best forward player of the year

2008…most outstanding player of the year trophy from Five Dock Club

2008…Auburn Mayors award as a young citizen achievement.

2009…selected to represent Sydney Team for NRL

2009… won medal for the best player in Basketball for Parramatta wild cats

2010…sportsman of the year for Trinity College and best half back

2010…most outstanding player for NRL award

2011…sportsman of the year for Trinity College

2011…Young sports citizen of the year award by Auburn Council

2011… Got signed to play for Bulldogs under 14

2012…gold medals for short put and long jump in Sikh Games

2012…Young Sports citizen of the Year for Auburn Council

2012…Selected to play for Fiji Team .. title.. Harmony Cub..NSW

2012…Sportsman of the year for Trinity College

2012…won the wild cup award the best player of the year

2012…contracted to play for West tigers

2012…OZ TAG played for state title  and won the finals

2013…selected to play State title for OZ TAG and got selected to play Australia 2013…Contracted to play for Bulldog

2013…Track and Field 5km for IST run (unbeatable 18minutes) – achieved 1st place

2013…Young Sportsman of the year for Auburn Council

2014… Sportsman of the year Trinity Catholic College

2014…Selected to play for state for OZTAG

2015… NSW Rugby Union  Player Selected

2015…Sportsman of the Year Trinity Catholic College

2015.. .Selected to play NSWCCC Rugby

2015….Selected for MCS Touch Football

2016…Selected to play for state OZ TAG

2016…Selected to play for Australia in OZ TAG

2016… NRL Started with BB A Grade

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