Book Launch : BATTLE FOR SKEPTRON: The First Uncovering

Book Launch : BATTLE FOR SKEPTRON: The First Uncovering

Packed with high adventure, intrigue and speculation, the Battle for Skeptron: The First Uncovering is the first book in the eye-opening fantasy/sci-fi trilogy by Australian writing sensation and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu National Champion, R.D. Gennari.

battle-for-skeptron-3d-imageIn the Battle of Skeptron we meet Areus, a young and content wrestler of Torian race, who faces a perilous quest alongside a company of multi-racial allies in search of the hidden pieces of the spectral artefact known as the Skeptron. Encountering the dreadful monsters that patrol the underworld of Planet Númaria, the race is on to acquire the hidden Skeptron pieces before the black hand of Ahstra arrests them for his dominion. Areus is hunted by monstrous ‘cave diggers’, evil alien beings, immoral sub-servants and

the terrifying hordes of the bestial abominations known as, rifas.

Surrounding these harrowing events, Areus encounters a rather unexpected connection with a young Denkarian girl named Belvara. Intertwined with love, hope and perseverance, Areus and his company set out upon the

greatest adventure of their lives.

Talking about his book Robert D. Gennari said, “I have written a sci-fi/fantasy book series, and the Mahabharata, the Gita, and the Ramayana served as a major influence and inspiration. Though my story takes place in a completely different world and timeline, the wholesome concepts of re-incarnation, vegetarianism, love, peace and courage are ever present in my book series the BATTLE FOR SKEPTRON.”

Gennari further said, “With no gratuitous sex or gratuitous violence, I feel the young people of the local Indian community will find identification and similarities with reading my thrilling story, bringing them closer to their own religion.”

“The most amazing thing about the book is that Craig Parker, actor from the Lord of the Rings movies is praising it, and also Dr. Michael Salla from the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens TV series,” the author said elated.

Designed by Chris Anyma the creative genius of Marvel, ‘The Battle for Skeptron’ is a must read for any fantasy/sci-fi fan.

A special book signing event has been organized on Friday December 16th, 7pm-9pm at Dymocks book store, Watergardens Shopping Center. The book is is available to pre-order at:, for pickup on December 16 at Dymocks Watergardens. Book two of the series will be available from September 2017.

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