Booby-trapped car explodes in Syria, casualties feared

Booby-trapped car explodes in Syria, casualties feared

34Damascus, May 3 (IANS) An explosives-packed car exploded Saturday afternoon in a government-controlled area west of Syria’s capital Damascus, leaving an undisclosed number of casualties, media reported.

The booby-trapped car went off in the western Somariyeh area at the entrance to the town of Muadamiyeh in southern Syria, Xinhua reported citing the state-run SANA news agency, giving no further details.

The pro-government Sama TV said Syrian authorities said that the car was remotely detonated when some troops were approaching it.

Somariyeh is known as a pro-government area which has already been hit by several explosions and mortar attacks. The town of Muadamiyeh has also been battered by clashes between government troops and the armed rebels.

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