Bollywood dance is very popular: Shiamak Davar

Bollywood dance is very popular: Shiamak Davar

shiamakShiamak Davar brought contemporary dance in our country a few decades back and then Indianised it to make it acceptable and even popular in both Bollyood and stage. Shiamak Davar takes dance as his passion and life and he remarks with a wistful note in his voice that there are many dance forms that have lost their popularity. “Unfortunately, jazz, Afro pop, rock and roll, ballet, ballroom and salsa are all out. 

There are these phases when a dance-form is popular but then it fizzles out,” he says. He agrees that there is a crowd of people who are love Latin American dancing, “But then, they are not too many.”

A couple of the most popular dance forms these days is Bollywood and Shapop feels Shiamak. “Shapop is extremely popular (Shiamak style hip hop) and so are Bollywood numbers like the Dhoom track with Hrithik and Aishwarya, the Chak Dhom Dhoom from Dil toh pagal hai and Taal songs.”

Despite dance classes randomly mushrooming all over the city, Shiamak’s expertise of more than 25 years is hard-to-miss. He says, “I have students coming back to learn the latest dance styles Shapop and Bollywood even after they have experienced other unprofessional classes.”

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