“Bhaijaan has come from Sanjay Dutt”:

“Bhaijaan has come from Sanjay Dutt”:

Salman Khan on being recognised as Bhaijaan

When he’s on-screen, the audience whistles and cheers in unison; when he beats the goons, he leaves a sense of power among us, and God! When he takes his shirt off!!! He leaves many a heart beat skip…Presenting to you the Dabang Tiger, the Sultan, the most ‘Wanted’ Bhaijaan, the Super Khan- Salman Khan in an exclusive interview with Rajesh Sharma of Indus Age.

Compiled by Nidhi Kumari

IA: You are the most ‘wanted’, eligible bachelor of the millennium, with the highest fandom world wide. Your films break records of all time and you are the most celebrated and successful actor. Salman Khan how does all this feel, when you pause and think about it?

Salman: I feel lucky, blessed, fortunate. I remember a time when I had no work and had no idea where my life was going..The journey from 15 to 50 feels like yesterday. I am appreciative about the works I get and have got. I am thankful to all my fans who watch my films and the ones who don’t like me; I am still working on it (smiles).

IA: Salman Khan is the ‘Bhaaijaan’ of Bollywood industry. Salman what do you make of this title/ recognition given to you?

Salman: This has come from my younger brother who calls me bhaijaan. And now my fans call me bhaai. The fans call Sanjay (Dutt) Sanju Baba, Sunil Shetty is called Anna, Mithun Da (Chakraborty) is called Dada, so its a way of respecting..Bhaijaan has come from Sanju Baba (Sanjay Dutt) to make me look older than him. He started calling me ‘Bhaijaan’ and it spread in our circle and so on and so forth.

What I like about the younger generation is that, they call me ‘SALMAN’ and I love that.

IA: Salman Khan is invincible and is the ‘Dabang Sultan’ in every sense. How far do you agree with that?

Salman: I don’t agree with that at all. I don’t agree with the people who take their screen names so seriously. How you look, the action you do, the romance you enact on screen is a result of around 500 people. First it’s the script, the DOPS, the dialogue writers, your choreographers, your action directors, the screenplay, your co-artist make you look larger than life. We are normal in reality.

When I faced the camera in Soorja Barjatya’s films, I looked like a boy, girls would want as their boyfriends, fathers would want as their sons, sister would want a brother like him, friends would want a friend like him. Also, being a part of writers’ family (my father being a writer), I got to work with great writers and somewhere the capability to choose the right kind of films has worked.

IA: Salman, you are also blessed with a beautiful heart and we see you being associated with humanitarian cause, like ‘Being Human’. Tell us about it.

Salman: There’s nothing to talk about it. The more we talk about it, I have to do much more. We are doing our bit. So, Being Human has got nothing to do with what I am doing or what people put into the foundation. As long as you come out of your house, you look left or right and you see a well-off person, you don’t give anything to him other than a smile as a gesture of being good. But if you find a person who needs medical attention, a job or money, education, go and get them that..When we hear people giving charity where there’s no accountability where you don’t know where your hard earned money is going, that is not the right way of doing charity. You need to see that it goes to the right place.

IA: Your love for children is not unknown as we see you sharing photos of your nephew from time to time. How is your bond with them?

Salman: (Smiles, thinks and smiles)…Its amazing. Everyone in our family thinks how our parents think so it’s a likeminded family.

IA:Your production house is giving opportunities to new and young talents. What are the future projects of Salman Khan Films.

Salman:There was a production house that gave me my first break so its my turn that I start giving other people their first breaks.

IA:You are coming to Australia, this April…Whenever Salman Khan is on stage, he sets the stage on fire. There’s definitely ‘Dabangiri’ dance and action that the audience can expect at your first ever Dabang- The Tour in Australia. Your comments on that.

Salman: It has been 12 years since I have done a tour. Earlier every two- three years there used to be a tour.. So, coming after 12 years for a tour in Australia, I am excited, nervous and if not fire on the stage there will be Sparks atleast..(smiles)..

IA: Salman, you are a terrific singer and we have seen you croon in your home production, ‘Hero’. Are we also going to see you sing a few lines at the concert?

Salman: Yes, ofcourse. You will see me dancing, singing and having fun..The whole act has been choreographed well..

IA: There will be 7 stars coming along with you. Can we expect 7 times the fun?

Salman: The stars who are coming along are great performers and are equally excited to be there.

IA: Salman, your dialogues become national signatures, with people mouthing it from time to time. Any dialogue that you want to share for your fans.

Salman: Maine Pyar Kia Tumse…

Indus Age conducted a Rapid Fire round with Salman and he answered it all:

One thing that Salman loves the most: Family

One person who is closest to your heart: Mom

A piece of advice your father gave you: Go straight and turn right in life.

Is there anything that you are scared of? : Myself

One secret no one knows about you: That secret even I don’t know about myself.

Any crazy incidence that makes you smile: Everyday

Who is the dream girl of Salman Khan? – I will let you know in the next interview.

What makes Salman Khan, Salman Khan? People reading this..

How many hours a day you work out? Earlier it was an hour or two but now the number of hours is increasing with work

What would the last line of your autobiography read..(Laughs) There is not going to be one.

 Da-Bang The Tour in Sydney is organised by ‘Cinestar Events Australia’, in association with ‘The Chocolate Room Australia’. It is organised by Sizzlin Productions and RK Developments in Melbourne.

Catch the ultimate Khan,  Salman, the biggest star of Bollywood, this April at: Da-Bang The Tour on , 22nd April Sydney and 23rd April Melbourne.


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