Australian troops conduct G20 security training

Sydney, Oct 29 (IANS) Australian special forces troops have conducted G20 training exercises involving a mock hostage recovery operation in Brisbane Tuesday.

Australian Defence Force spokesman for the G20, Maj. Gen. Stuart Smith, said the elite soldiers would be conducting more mock counter-terrorism rehearsals in Brisbane over the coming weeks, Xinhua reported.

“It’s been provided for the summit as a stand by capability should it be called upon by state or federal government authorities,” Smith told a press conference.

“We’ll be rehearsing our state-of-the-art equipment, capabilities and training in concert with state and federal authorities so we’re really well prepared to provide a very safe and secure summit.”

G20 security will involve 4,500 Queensland police officers, 1,500 inter-state and New Zealand officers, Australian Federal Police and defence personnel. More than 900 soldiers will be based in Brisbane for the event, with 1,000 others on call.

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