Australian PM unveils security plans

Australian PM unveils security plans

53Canberra, Feb 23 Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Monday unveiled security plans that would push for tougher citizenship, immigration laws, and restrain groups from inciting religious or racial hatred.

Abbott made the announcements in a National Security statement at the Canberra headquarters of the Australian Federal Police, ABC reported.

He said the government would seek to change the laws, which enable authorities to revoke or suspend Australian citizenship in the case of dual nationality.

He said people who fight against Australia “forfeit their citizenship” and that Australian nationals would also risk losing “privileges” if they were involved in terrorism.

“We cannot allow bad people to use our good nature against us.”

The prime minister also signalled tougher laws to target “hate preachers”, referring to the political group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Individuals and organisations such as Hizb ut-Tahrir that blatantly spread discord and division should not do so with impunity, he said.

Abbott said actions against such groups include programmes to “challenge terrorist propaganda” and provide online material “based on Australian values”.

“And it will include stronger prohibitions on vilifying, intimidating or inciting hatred,” he added.

According to the prime minister, 90 Australians are fighting with terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Thirty of them have returned, and at least 140 people in Australia are “actively supporting” extremist groups.

Abbott said Australia would have to draw the line between individual freedoms and the safety of the community.

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