Australian Multicultural Association Inc. celebrated Ganesh Festival with Indian and Australian members

Australian Multicultural Association Inc. celebrated Ganesh Festival with Indian and Australian members

8 8a 8b 8cAustralian Multicultural Association (AMA) is a ‘not for profit’ organization incorporated in January 2015 with a view to address the issues affecting various communities in greater Melbourne and beyond. It was started by a group of likeminded individuals who are driven by social responsibility, community development and humanitarian values with a particular focus on underprivileged children. It is achieved by working closely with the community groups, sponsors and relevant public authorities for support and through public policies.

AMA celebrated Ganesh Festival in collaboration with Kundrathu  Kumaran temple at Rockbank between 17 and 19 September with many festivities to entertain families that attended the event.

Over 1000 people attended the event across 3 days Including the Honourable mayor for Melton City Council Cr Sophie Ramsey, Honourable MP from Australian Labour Party for Victorian Legislative Assembly Natalie Suleyman and many other community group leaders.

Cr Ramsey in her address said, “AMA’s efforts to help and support the disadvantaged children is commendable with a particular reference to “Project Ganesh” for which AMA raised the funds required for spinal surgery of a 20 months old Ganesh from Hyderabad, India.”

AMA’s President Mr.Ajay Pasupulate said , “Team at AMA has a vision to serve the community and support the disadvantaged children that need help” . The Vice President Mr. Sekhar Mantha added “It is achieved by facilitating integration between various cultural bodies to maximise such positive outcomes. They remarked that AMA is pleased to have worked with the Kundrathu Kumaran temple committee for the Ganesh Festival and look forward to continue the successful alliance for future events”.

On final day of the event the 3kg Laddoo was auctioned and the raised funds were donated to the temple development.

Senior Committee member for Kundrathu Kumaran Temple and TECCA Mr Kasi N Nathan in his final remarks said “AMA did a great job in organising the three days of events which was much appreciated by all”.

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