Audi Alto Pennant Hills towering higher and higher…

Audi Alto Pennant Hills towering higher and higher…

By Nidhi Kumari

In the vehicle world Audi stands above many with regards to luxury and comfort. The brand has garnered another feather on its cap with its personnel and managing team at Audi Pennant Hills winning accolades for its services. Following the success and achievements, Indus Age reached out to Mr. Praveen Devarajan – General Manager Audi Pennant Hills part of the Alto Group, Mr. Tim Karjadi – Sales Manager and Mr. Van Hoang Pham- Sales Executive, where they have spoken about what these laurels mean to them, their targets and objectives and a lot more.

Praveen Devarajan – General Manager

  1. How would you describe the awards and recognition received for Audi & Skoda this year?

It was a great moment and one to be remembered. These awards were the result of 12 month of focus and dedication from my team and myself. I am proud of these achievements and thankful to have a team that backs our common objectives and strive for excellence.

  1. What has been your strategy in carving a niche for yourself in this competitive market?

The Australian automotive space is one of the most competitive markets in the world. In general people like to do business with people they like. The focus for us has been simply to improve on customer experience and strive for excellence in our people, process and system to help us exceed customer expectation. Whilst this is easier said than done our desire and passion to be the best drives us to explore opportunities to be better every day.

  1. Personnel and staff members play a huge role in the development and progress of an organization. And this year, many of the staff members have been recognized and awarded for their hard work. Your comments on that.

Quality in business is driven by people and their adherence to best practices. We believe in looking after our people who in turn will look after our customers. With low staff turnover and a nurturing vibrant culture it helps us support our staff in development to be the best they can be. This year alone we have achieved 11 individual certifications in various parts of the business.

  1. The bar of expectation has been raised with these laurels and rewards. How do you intend to keep it rising?

The signs of a healthy business are to keep improving and growing. We have identified areas of improvement and have clear plans and directions on how to better last year’s results. The results so far are pointing in the right direction.

  1. In your words what is that one unique feature that sets Audi stand out from the crowd?

It is hard to pick just one feature. However the lights on the Audi’s are an absolute stand out, they are stylish, practical and clearly distinguishes them from the rest and you don’t have to be an auto enthusiast to recognize them.

  1. What are the future plans and projects/ new launches, etc. for Audi Alto Pennant Hills?

Audi Alto Pennant Hills is now an Audi Sport Dealership. This enables us to showcase and sell the high performance vehicles Audi has to offer including the legendary R8.

In addition we are also an E -Tron dealer. E -Tron is the Audi’s plug-in hybrid technology. We currently only offer the hybrid variant in the A3 however the plans are to have an E Tron variant in every model by 2020. The next model is the Q7 E Tron which will be launching later this year.

We also have a host of new models coming through in the near future including the All New R8, New A5, Q2 New Q5, Q9, New A4 All road and updates to the existing line up. It is very busy times ahead for us however the key is to making sure that we keep exceeding customers’ expectation.

Tim Karjadi – Sales Manager

What does this recognition mean to you?

As it was my first year in the role as the sales manager here at Audi Alto Pennant Hills and in general, it was a big moment and a big achievement to have taken the first position in the category and definitely a memory to remember.

What strategy do you follow in achieving your goals and objectives?

Knowing and doing alongside with organization plays a major role in my strategy to achieve the goals that has been set by Alto group and Audi.

audiRecognition and laurels bring with it more responsibility. With such honours, the level of responsibility on you will be higher. Your comments.

Even without this remarkable achievement, I strive to improve and do better from the previous years.  Now with this recognition, our game has to be stepped up even more to show the strength of Audi Alto Pennant Hills.  Excellent customer service was what has brought us to this recognition and it’s definitely one key point that we will better again in 2016.

Van Hoang Pham- Sales Executive

What does this recognition mean to you?

It makes me and my family proud and it is a great recognition from the hard work and ethic I put in. It is also great to be recognised in front of our dealer’s network and peers.

How do you see challenges and strengths that come your way?

Challenges are lessons and lessons learnt become strengths. To never shy from challenges is what made us better and stronger.

What is your next target?

To win again next year. Champions are only remembered from multiples victories and awards.

Awards and recognition for this year:

  • Runner up Audi Dealer of the year – Metro
  • Sales Manager Audi – Metro – Tim Karjadi
  • #1 Sales Executive – Van Hoang Pham
  •  #2 Sales Executive – Brendan Townsend
  • 3rd Place – Audi Financial Services Dealer

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